Who doesn't like games?

When I was a kid I used to rip off the printed surface of board games and make my own. I would draw new paths and label the spaces with unique events. I would create new cards with all sorts of interesting actions. Use some dice, and maybe some lego guys as character pieces, and I would have myself a custom game.

I loved doing this.

In college I started pursuing a degree in Computer Science with the goal of making games. I quickly learned that field wasn't exactly suited for my goals, so I switched over to Visual Communications and Graphic Design. An excellent decision because it gave me a great balance between the creative and technical aspects of making stuff.

I don't make games professionally whatsoever but it is a goal of mine to one day have an active multi-player world of my creation. That vision is currently Light Gray, and it has been quite an endeavor so far, both educational and satisfying.

Coin & Castle

Coin & Castle is a simple clicker game I am currently creating. Inspired by the paperclips game, I want to create something similar with a medieval castle building theme like the original warcraft.

coin & castle demo screenshot 1
Coin & Castle starts with finding a single coin
coin & castle demo screenshot 2
Use coin to purchase tools.
coin & castle demo screenshot 3
Gather resources so you can build things to gather more resources!
Coin & Castle Playable Demo Coming Soon...

Light Gray RPG

light gray rpg demo mobile tablet screenshot
Playable on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Light Gray is a turn based roleplaying game where you take on the role of a Young Adventurer in a vast world.

Initially this project started as a way for me to learn PHP, but it quickly evolved into something more. Interact with friendly NPC's, accept their quests and battle all types of enemies. Gain skills and spells to aid you in your adventure. Equip strong armor and wield powerful weapons.

The demo below is a work in progress, but fully playable with over 50 quests, hundreds of items, and many hours of playtime.

Play the demo now

light gray rpg demo mobile stats screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile battle screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile inventory screenshot

This game has no tutorial, and can be quite confusing at first, so if you have any questions feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

More Light Gray Info

light gray rpg demo ducky advertisement
This is false advertising. Baby ducks can't play the game, but you can!

Light Gray has dozens of maps to explore with close to 1,000 unique locations. Join Guilds like Warriors, Wizards, and Rangers. Learn Offensive spells like Fireball and Meteor.

There is no Level Cap so you can become as strong as you like. Earn experience, coin, and loot after every battle or quest completion. You also have the ability to re-spec your character mid game.

light gray rpg demo mobile quests screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile grassy field crossroads screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile action screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile grassy field west flower screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile training screenshot
light gray rpg demo mobile map screenshot

Light Gray Maps

The Main Lands consist of 9 maps. Some maps have a whole other map above or below. In game you can open your current map by simply clicking on your map location in the D-pad.

These will most definitely aid you in your exploration.

light gray starcity map
light gray mountains map
light gray dark forest map
light gray blue ocean map
light gray grassyfield map
light gray forest map
light gray swamp map
light gray stonemine map
light gray redtown map