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New York House Deck - Jokers

New York House Deck

New York House Deck - Zoomed in tuck box New York House Deck - Jack and 4 of hearts

Say hello to the everyday deck.

The House Deck features a classic and clean card design with stylized illustrations.

Available now until the end of August, only on Kickstarter.

Check it out now on Kickstarter >

*The House deck will be my third, and final (at least for a while), card project.

If you are interested in the previous two games check out the Archimedes Store on Etsy >

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New York House Deck >

LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

LG TACTICS | Strategy Card Game

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LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

LG TACTICS is a strategy-lite battle card game where you must outmaneuver your opponent to win. It features simple gameplay where you decide which cards to deploy and attack with.

The game is played with a single deck of cards and you can learn the rules in minutes. Players need to Recruit, Deploy and Attack with their cards until only one army remains. You can play against one or more opponents, or even play solo to test your skills. Games take about 15 minutes per person, and 1 - 5 people can play (more if you combine 2 decks).

LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

Game cards feature a single number representing its power level. Some powerful cards have a deploy requirement in order to play onto the battlefield.

TACTICS comes with 72 cards and a rule book in a game box. Cards feature original illustrations in a minimal fantasy silhouette style.

View the 2020 LG TACTICS Kickstarter campaign page >


Full Game Rules

Basic gameplay involves picking up 3 cards, deploying 3 cards to the table, and then attacking with any 3 cards that have been on the table since last turn.


LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game


Shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards to each player. Place remaining deck in center and take turns around the table. Discard cards face up in a pile next to the deck.


LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

ON YOUR TURN do these 3 steps:

1. RECRUIT - Pick up 3 cards

2. DEPLOY - Play up to 3 cards onto the battlefield.

3. ATTACK - Attack with up to 3 cards.

Table setup

LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

Cards cannot attack the turn they are deployed. You can use this double row method to help remember which cards can and cannot attack.

Alternative gameplay (Fast)

For a faster and easier game, Recruit, Deploy and Attack with 2 cards instead of 3. To win, you need cards on the battlefield of matching color that add up to 7 instead of 11.

Solo Gameplay

For Solo Gameplay you will be trying to create as many same colored stacks of 11 as you can before the deck runs out.

Play the game as you normally would but do this during your turn:

This essentially acts as an attack on your cards, slowly chipping away at your advances.

When the deck runs out, you deploy all the possible cards in your hand. After you have deployed all possible cards, count the number of 11-stacks you have created. Check the scores below to see how well you did.

And that's a variation on gameplay that lets you play solo. Also a nice way to organize your cards by color.

Solo Gameplay Video (10 min)

Some of you have asked how solo gameplay works so I put together this video to show you. It covers setup, goal overview, gameplay, and win conditions. Many of the concepts and rules in this video carry over to the multi-player version of the game, so this can give insight to that as well.

Card details

LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game LG TACTICS - strategy battle card game

There are only 4 points of interest on each card.

Monster Party | Five-Suit Deck

Released 11/2019

Monster Party Playing Cards - Five Suit Deck Spread

Monster Party Playing Cards were a huge success thanks to all of you!

View the 2019 Monster Party Kickstarter Campaign Page >

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