About Me

Anthony Carrozzo

Hey what's up. My name's Anthony and I have been working as a designer for almost 20 years now at a handful of equally amazing places. I am currently the Director of UX and Design at Newsday where I specialize in UI & UX for all their digital stuffs.

I have past experience in retail marketing, brand identity, music production & photography. And I always have a whole mess of other creative projects in the works.

Skills that pay the bills:

UI, UX, SEO, HTML, SCSS, JS, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Wordpress, Github, all that good stuff.

Skills that don't pay any bills whatsoever:

Music, Photography, Writing, Numchucks.

Feel free to contact:

[email protected]

Employment History

Newsday group at awards show

Below is a quick summary of some of the cool places I've worked throughout the years. Many great friends and memories were made.

Newsday Football Helmets Preview Newsday Article Preview Newsday Zombie Home Preview Newsday Aprils of Arod Preview Newsday Tell the Pope Preview Newsday Chris Weidman Preview Newsday Little Long Islander Preview Newsday Marathon Tracker Preview Newsday Pizza Smackdown Preview Newsday Perfect Workout Preview


2011 - present | Isn't that special

The bread and butter of my experience at Newsday, News12 and amNY have been creating custom interactives and investigative journalism pieces that require a little extra flare when the normal article presentation just won't cut it.

The slideshow above and the list below is a short example of projects that I both designed and coded.

MS-13 Killing Fields

Pathway to Power | Political Corruption

Long Island at the Crossroads | 40 years later

An Investigation into Nassau's Tax System

Zombie Homes

Mobileistic Feeling Lucky Design Mobileistic Spread Design Mobileistic Table of Contents Design Mobileistic Catalog Page Design Mobileistic BEach Design Mobileistic Sprint Design Mobileistic t-Mobile design
Mobileistic Table of Contents
Mobileistic Jawbone Design
Mobileistic Catalog Print
Mobileistic Accessory Page Design
Mobileistic Samsung Bluetooth Headsets
Mobileistic Page Design


2009 - 2011 | Cell Baby Cell

Mobileistic is a retail and wholesale distributor of mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, speakers, cases and other wireless accessories. I designed and maintained their marketing materials from 2010 - 2012, and participated in some really fun trade shows in Orlando and Vegas during that time.

Product Catalog for cell phone accessories. View the whole PDF here.

United Nations Logo United Nations Web Preview United Nations Web Preview 2

United Nations

2008 - 2009 | What a sweet view

United Nations was a really cool place to work. The view from the 40th floor looking across the East River into Queens was so cool. And the insane selection of international foods in their cafeteria was delish. We also did a project here and there to assist in their peace keeping initiatives around the globe. Not too shabby.

Steve & Barrys - Out of the Cold Poster Design

Steve & Barry's

2006 - 2008 | Retail & Fashion Design

Steve & Barry's was one of the best. I really enjoyed designing for a retail environment and it was interesting to see the progress of their brand as they added celebrity clothing lines. I was also lucky enough to go to India to train fellow employees there. That was a great experience. S&B is also where I met the guys who would be my future bandmates in BFTZ. I honestly wish S&B didn't go bankrupt, because it was an absolute blast working there.

View all S&B designs here

IDS Menus - Coffee Shop Menu IDS Menus - Pizza and Pasta Menu IDS Menus - Make it a Pepsi Combo IDS Menus - Ice Cream Poster IDS Menus - Designer Series Display Boards

I.D.S. Menus

2005 - 2006 | Designing Menus

International Display Systems was a great company to work for where I was mostly designing the big menu boards you might see at a movie theater or coffee shop. All the items and prices were on magnetic strips so it was easy for the user to mix up the menu. I also created some normal print menus as well as animated graphics in After Effects that were displayed on big screen TVs. What up Linda!

PolyPlastics - Anthony and Mike on the Computer PolyPlastics - Anthony and Mike on the Computer alt

Polyplastic Forms

2004 - 2005 | Making Stuff with Mike

Poly was my first job out of college, I started a month before I graduated. It was pretty cool, I operated a large format (6 foot) printer, a vinyl cutting machine, and a giant CAD machine where we created and carved out 3-dimensional products from wood, plastic, metal and foam. I worked with one of my closest friends MB, and man we had alot of fun making (and breaking) cool stuff.

PolyPlastic Forms - 3D Metal Letters
PolyPlastic Forms - 3D Printed Letters
PolyPlastic Forms - 3D Wood Letters
PolyPlastic Forms - 3D Laminate Letters
PolyPlastic Forms - flyer advertisement
PolyPlastic Forms - 3d Engraving flyer