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Retail Showcase

Steve & Barry's Change Marketing Campaign Preview
Steve & Barry's Change Marketing Campaign Poster 1
Steve & Barry's Change Marketing Campaign Poster 2
Steve & Barry's Change Marketing Campaign Poster 3


Fall 2006 Campaign

Marketing campaign to make S&B appear more fashionable, modern and clean. I was part of the photoshoot and responsible for layout and typography.

Back to School Coupon
S&B Back to School Banner
S&B Back to School Banner 2
S&B Back to School Banner 3

Back To School

2006 Campaign

Series of window banners and store signs used in the Steve & Barry's Back to School visual campaign for 2006.

Steve & Barry's Winter Campaign, Out of the Cold Print Design
Steve & Barry's Winter Campaign, Out of the Cold Print Design 2

Get out of the Cold

and into some more store visuals.

Celebrity Brands

S&B Starbury Banner
S&B Starbury Bigger than Basketball printed poster
S&B Starbury Shoe Print Banner


Bigger than Basketball!

New York Knicks Stephon Marbury's clothing line - store visuals for 2007.

S&B Starbury Really Wide Banner
Bitten, Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, Print Poster

SJP Bitten

Sex and the City

Combination poster designed to promote Sarah Jessica's Clothing line BITTEN and her new Sex and the City movie.

dear by Amanda Bynes wide print banner
dear by Amanda Bynes bikini print banner
dear by Amanda Bynes dress print banner
dear by Amanda Bynes Store Sign Prints

dear™ by Amanda Bynes

2008 Visuals

Celebrity Amanda Bynes exclusive clothing line. These store visuals were created in collaboration with an outside advertising agency.

Big Ben Wallace Print Design
Big Ben Wallace Poster Design
Big Ben Wallace Sneaker Print
Big Ben Wallace Poster Design 2

Big Ben Wallace

Even More Sneakers - only $7.95

Ben Wallace (Cleveland Cavaliers) exclusive basketball shoe promotional banners.

Eleven by Venus Williams Lookbook Preview

Eleven™ by Venus Williams


Product Lookbook design, layout and product photo assistance for 2008 Eleven by Venus Williams lookbook. A Steve & Barry's brand.

Eleven by Venus Williams Lookbook Cover
Eleven by Venus Williams Page Be Powerful
Eleven by Venus Williams Outfit Preview
Eleven by Venus Williams Page Be Fearless
Eleven by Venus Williams Sneaker Print
Nicolette Hart Postcard Preview
Nicolette Hart Postcard Cover
Nicolette Hart Postcard Flyer Back

Nicolette Hart

Logo & Flyer Design

Nicolette Hart is a pop artist and acted in the Broadway show "RENT". I designed this logo and flyer.

Evander Holyfield Grant Boxing Banner
Evander Holyfield Grant Boxing Poster Design
Evander Holyfield Grant Boxing Boxing Glove Banner

Grant Boxing

Evander Holyfield

Visual campaign for Evander Holyfield's athletic clothing and accessories line. Unfortunately they never got to the stores after Holyfield was tested positive for steroid use. O well.

Posters, Flyers & Cards

Camplified Poster Design 2011


Tour Posters

Camplified has been hosting summer camp concert tours for the last 10 years or so. I have helped them design their official summer tour posters since then. The posters feature tour dates and photos for the bands and artists. These posters are the highlight printed piece for each years tour.

Camplified Poster Design 2012
Camplified Poster Design 2010
Camplified Poster Design 2009
Camplified Poster Design 2008
Camplified Poster Design 2007
Exotic Snakes Business Card Preview

Exotic Snakes

Business Card Design

Man you don't know? My dad is big time in the snake biz. Here's the new card I made him.

Exotic Snakes Business Card - Step 1
Exotic Snakes Business - Step 2
Anthony Carrozzo No Limits Poker Poster Design

No Limits

Poker Poster

One of my favorite old designs, I created this poker poster for myself and my friends.

S&B Summer Blowout Sale Poster Type Design

Summer Blowout


Yet another sale sign. Solid type though.

Fresh out of the Box, New T-shirt arrival print design

Fresh out of the box

New Tees

In-store banner to hang above the newest T-shirts.

Human Resource Poster Design - Shake on it

Shop Talk

With the Care Crew

Making boring human resource posters as exciting as possible. Series of informative posters hung around the corporate office.

Human Resource Poster Design - Call the Hotline
Human Resource Poster Design - Asset Protection
Kellogg's New T-shirt arrivals. Tony the Tiger, they're Great!


Branded Tees

Tony the Tiger approves.

BlackBerry Bold Device Flyer Design



No one uses Blackberries anymore right? Texting on them with the full keyboard was the bomb though.

Toyota Sell Sheet Design


Parts Center

Direct mail brochure sent to Toyota Part Centers.


Healthy Steps Logo Design
Healthy Steps Logo
Airtech Logo Design
Airtech Logo
Gidch Construction Logo Design
Gidch Construction Logo
Heavenly Air HVAC Logo Design
Heavenly Air Logo
Potak Fitness Logo Design
Potak Fitness Logo
Input Wireless Logo Design
Input Wireless Logo
Touch of Elegance Event Planners Logo Design
Touch of Elegance Logo
Exotic Snakes Logo Design
ExoticSnakes Logo
Mystic Steps Logo Design
Mystic Steps Logo


Newsday Sports Twitter Skin Graphic Design

Newsday Sports

Twitter Skin

Updates to the top graphics for Newsday Sport's Twitter Channel.

Newsday Sports Twitter Skin Graphic Design 2016
Newsday Sports Twitter Skin Graphic Design 2017
S&B Marvel T-shirts Mini Website Design

Marvel Tees

Mini Site

Mini flash website showcasing all the available Marvel T-shirts available at S&B, including the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men & more.

Songs of Change Obama Email Blast Web Design

Songs of Change

Inauguration Email Blast

After President Barack Obama's Inauguration, Primary Wave had me create an email blast graphic with links to songs of Change.

Venus Williams US Open email blast design

Venus Williams

U.S. Open Email Blast

Win a trip to NYC and watch Venus play in the U.S. Open. Sponsered by her Eleven clothing brand.

Puritans Pride Email Blast Design

Puritans Pride

Email Blast

Direct email for the popular supplement company.

LIAAC website redesign


Web Design

Partial redesign for the Long Island Association for Aids Care site.

S&B Portal Web Design - Bitten

Celebrity Brand

Portal Designs

Landing website for all the celebrity brands.

S&B Portal Web Design - Wonderwall, Laird Hamilton
S&B Portal Web Design - Amanda Bynes
S&B Portal Web Design - Stephon Marbury
S&B Portal Web Design - Venus Williams
S&B Portal Web Design - Bubba Watson
S&B Portal Web Design - Big Ben Wallace


Some very old illustrations

Mask cartoon illustration drawing book cover



Check it out, we have a bunch of imposters. A ninja (turtle), a ghost, Batman and Jason Vhorhes.

sony digital camera illustration drawing

Digital Camera


Detailed rendering of what used to be a top of line 3.2 Megapixel camera.

veronica illustration drawing close up zoom in detail


Senior Project

For my Senior Project I went with a 1950's diner theme and illustrated a life size waitress on rollerskates. I worked at Poly at the time so had the sweet hook up for the huge print. Mounted it to some cardboard and put some burgers on a tray and everyone was happy.

veronica print big printer anthony carrozzo large format
veronica display presentation design print

Custom Wallpapers

Sometimes I like to create a design here and there for no other reason than to do it. Take a look at some random wallpapers I have made. The Sol series happens to be my favorite. Feel free to right click and download any if you wish.

acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - BFTZ - Banned from the Zoo Demo Girl
BFTZ Demo Wallpaper Wallpaper Design - Girls are evil
Girls are Evil (and I like it)
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Gravity Sol 1
Sol 1
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Gravity Sol 2
Sol 2
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Gravity Sol 3
Sol 3
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - AC Brand Icons
AC Brand Icons
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - astronomy Key of Sol
Key of Sol
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Key of Sol White version
Key of Sol | White Version
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Center of the Milky Way
Center of the Milky Way
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Rubiks Cube - Difficult to build, easy to destroy
Difficult to Build | Easy to Destroy
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Saturn Icon
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Moon Photography, Luna Icon
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Tree of Life, I plant a tree, it grows slow
Tree of Life | "I Plant a Tree" song art
acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Septimus Adams, Light effect
Light Effect