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LG TACTICS - strategy card game

LG TACTICS | A strategy-lite card game

The easy to learn battle card game with a clean minimal style

With this game I challenged myself to remove layers of intricate mechanics I normally end up creating in card games. An ultra simplified take on the CCG genre, my intention is for this to act as a subtle introduction to the story and future installments in the Light Gray Series.

Archimedes Game Co. Site: LG TACTICS | Info and Game Rules.

View the campaign page here: LG TACTICS | Kickstarter Campaign.

Monster Party Playing Cards - Five Suit Deck Spread

Monster Party | Five-Suit Deck

Thanks for making my first card deck a success!

My first game release was an amazing success thanks to you. Thank you to everyone who picked up a deck or two.

View the old campaign page here: Monster Party Kickstarter Page 2019

Archimedes Game Co Logo 2

Archimedes Game Co

Let's play

Visit Archimedes Games and sign up so you stay up to date with all my game happenings.

Drift Album Art - Strange Sounds for Strange Times - Anthony Carrozzo music


The Album

My third instrumental album is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, as well as a bunch of other places. Or you can give a listen right here. Enjoy these strange sounds in these strange times.

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chris weidman project - emmy winner Anthony Carrozzo and Newsday team at the Emmy's At the Emmy's Anthony Carrozzo and Newsday team accept an Emmy Anthony Carrozzo and Newsday team win an Emmy for Multimedia Anthony Carrozzo and Matthew Cassella win an Emmy

The Fighter & The Father

Chris Weidman

The following project was made in collaboration with the Sports editors and Multimedia department for a unique video experience. View Long Islands own MMA champ Chris Weidman in this dual video experience, where you have the ability to swap between 2 video feeds synced up to the same audio.

Very proud of this one since it got me a trip into the city to attend the 60th NY Emmy Awards, while netting me a shiny trophy to boot.

View site: Chris Weidman: Father & Fighter

Pathway to Power preview Pathway to Power video preview Pathway to Power title preview Pathway to Power lower third preview Pathway to Power chapter preview Pathway to Power preview 2

Pathway to Power

One man's rise shines light on LI's corrosive system

A massive investigative news piece that was many years in the making. I was very fortunate to be a part of it and was responsible for the user interface, chapter navigation, and graphics for both the article and video.

The story follows a street thug turned millionaire as he gained political and business connections exposing corruption, crime and overall shadiness.

These are the stories journalists live for and it was satisfying to be a part of the team and make it all come together.

Pathway to Power: Chapter Select | Video | Full Story

Banned from the Zoo - BFTZ - Anthony Carrozzo and band members
Banned from the Zoo - BFTZ Album Art
Demo album cover


Banned from the Zoo

Banned from the Zoo is a 5-member rock band from New York. We performed many shows between 2010 and 2015, mostly in the city, and recorded and released a 4 song demo. Feel free to listen and download.

BFTZ Site | Listen Now

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acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Sol acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Sol 2 acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Sol 3 acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Icons acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Key of Sol acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Key of Sol Alt acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Center of the Milky Way acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Rubiks Cube acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Saturn acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Tree of Life acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Luna - moon acarrozzo Wallpaper Design - Girls are Evil

For Funsies


I enjoy creating a design here and there for no reason at all. I like to make minimally styled backgrounds that can be used on the desktop. Feel free to right click and download any of these to use yourself.