Strange Sounds for Strange Times

SS4ST is my solo music project. I like to create random tunes here and there for fun. I have finally compiled over 40 instrumentals into 3 albums and have them up on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more. Enjoy.

Drift Album Art - Strange Sounds for Strange Times - Anthony Carrozzo music


2018 | 7 songs

Drift is my most recent collection of instrumentals. This album is currently my favorite.

Bizarr Album Art - Strange Sounds for Strange Times - Anthony Carrozzo music


2016 | 7 songs

Bizarrr is a bit darker and stranger than the rest.

The Lost Instrumentals - Album Art - Strange Sounds for Strange Times - Anthony Carrozzo music

The Lost Instrumentals

2010 | 30 songs

This album consist of many tunes I recorded when I was much younger. A fun mix of rock and experimental electronic music.

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The BFTZ Demo

Recorded 2012, Brooklyn NY

Banned from the Zoo was a 5-member rock band from New York. We performed many shows between 2010 and 2015, mostly in the city, and recorded and released a 4 song demo. You can hear us on spotify and view us on YouTube.

BFTZ Links: Videos | Site

Who doesn't like music?

carrozzo brothers playing on piano as toddlers

I have been involved with music in one way or another for pretty much my whole life. My uncle was in a band and he would always be playing the guitar at holidays and I thought it was so cool. When I was a kid he showed me how to play the opening riff to 'My Girl' and I was hooked ever since.

carrozzo brothers playing toy instruments as children

I was lucky enough to take guitar as a class for all 4 years of high school as well as 2 years of music theory. During that time I would jam with friends during and after school and I also played bass at church every Sunday. I was very fortunate to have daily experience.

anthony playing guitar at night on the beach with campfire

In college I would play and record with a new group of friends, and in my late 20's I was playing bass with some really talented individuals in Banned from the Zoo.

anthony carrozzo holding bass close up to camera

I have way too many guitars, like 3 basses, two ukes, a banjo, and a midi keyboard for recording. I try to play a little something every day. I also have phases where I really get into music production and create instrumentals and beats that feature strings, synths and all sorts of strange sounds. I generally use Garage Band and Logic. Feel free to give a listen.

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