Macro Photography

macro photo of nixon watch face
macro photo of nixon watch dial
macro photo of iphone buttons
macro photo zoom in key
macro photo zoom in leaf blade
macro photo of poker chips
macro photo of rainbow cookie
macro photo of mac keyboard command key
macro photo of hazel eye zoom
macro photo of spider on leaf
macro photo of eye zoom in
macro photo of watch gears
macro photo of anthony carrozzo zoom in eye


footaction reebok sneaker photo shoot
Foot Action

I was hired to do product photography and turn the resulting images into a cinematography style gif. Just a little bit of motion.

animated gif cinemagraphic footaction red reebok sneaker
animated gif cinemagraphic footaction reebok on fire escape
animated gif cinemagraphic shoe sneaker rack

Music Gallery

music photo daveO on uke ukelele


Below you will find some select photos of vacations and trips we have went on. Enjoy.


Bronx Zoo


Niagara Falls


canon rebel XSi and macro rings

I own a Canon Rebel XSi and I've had it for over 10 years now. For lenses I have the standard 18-55, a telephoto 70-200 and I use this handy 3 ring extender lens system to get a variety of macro zooms.


I've only taken a few photography courses in college and I'm nowhere near a professional.

If you're looking for some true pros check out some of my friends below: