I am currently working on the story that will be the history of Light Gray. These events take place 50 years before the starting time in the game. Below are just some snippets of the large work in progress.

The Book of Pax

Chapter 8


"Oi, some stupid kids. What do you want?"

"Is... is it really? O wow!" Sam's eyes open wide as he backs up in disbelief. "Are you a real angel?"

"O god, not this again." Aog drops his head, rubs it and sighs. "Listen. Listen up smelly children. I am required to tell you about this here big rock, I have no idea why, I think it's pointless. Anyway, it has an engraved message on it for you all, so go ahead and read it, if you even can that is." Aog sighs again and exhales. "It contains your "Grand Quest" or something like that. So pretty much d, what it says, and you win this whole thing. Like it even matters. ok thats it. Don't bother me anymore. no questions either."

Sky jumps in. "You know for an angel you sure are cranky! You live up in heaven with god! Why aren't you happy?!"

"Oi! loud, little girl, I don't live in heaven, at the moment, that is, I just, I need to be here for a bit while I... O why am I even wasting my time with you.", He sighs again, louder this time, "Go save the world little children, or don't, no one cares, alright I'm done."

Aog disappears in a flash of light.

The children and adults all gasp in unison.

"What a sad, sad angel", Eve says as she shakes her head.