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02 16 12
Mobileistic Catalog Spread
Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog

Mobileistic Catalog

Cell baby Cell!

Mobileistic is a retail and wholesale distributor of mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, skins, cases and a whole mess of other accessories in the wireless industry. I designed and maintained their marketing materials from 2010 - 2012. Take a look at some select pages from the catalog or view the PDF here.

AC: Gravity
09 21 3k

I'm attracted to you

by a force directly proportional to your mass and inversely proportional to the square of your distance from me.

Say what?! More science in design.

06 12 11
Camplified 10th Anniversary Tour Artwork
Camplified Tour email broadcast Camplified 2011 10th Anniversary Tour Poster Camplified 2011 Video

Camplified 2011 Tour Poster

Posters, e-mail blasts and a promo video. Rock on!

Camplified, one of my favorite companys to design for, has been hosting summer camp concert tours for the last 10 years. For the last 5 years or so I have helped them design posters, flyers, email blasts and now a promo video. Below are a select bunch of designs for you to take a look at. Rock on! 5.09.11 - Camplified / Primary Wave Music

05 04 11
Cute Girls & Bluetooths

Ac + Mobileistic + Jawbone = cute girls & bluetooths

Another pointless wallpaper? Why not!

Enjoy the beautiful blending of brands - view full size / download

03 29 12
Camplified 10th Anniversary Tour Artwork
The Bronx Zoo Cobra Is Safe - Glory Halleluyah - BFTZ

The bronx zoo cobra is safe

BFTZ can finally sleep again!

Check out the portrait orientation. Think it makes a good poster? view full size

oh yeah. this update is directly from Banned from the Zoo.

04 01 11
acarrozzo css update

Always Improving

(Inside and Out)

view full size / download

02 21 11

Where these monkeys digitally reside


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Exotic Snakes Business Card
Exotic Snakes Business Card Exotic Snakes Business Card Exotic Snakes Business Card Exotic Snakes Business Card

Pythons & Boas & Lizards. O My!

Ever since I was 4 years old, there were snakes everywhere I looked. it was awesome.

For those of you not in the know, my dad is a professional snake and reptile breeder. Not full time 9-5, but it's always been his part time gig since I can remember. Now he has hundreds of snakes covering dozens of breeds and genetic variations. Well known and respected within the reptile community, if you are interested visit www.exoticsnakes.com.

This business card update adds a newly designed card face showing a beautiful emerald green tree python with the newly designed ES icon. On the back side is a updated version of the original logo, removing many of the extraneous details to give a cleaner, more modernized look. This business card went through 2 rounds in the design process until a final was chosen.

Round 1:

5 unique business card designs were presented and pros and cons of each were discussed. Working off of # 2, 4 & 5, we decided to keep the information on the snake image side and to showcase the logo on the reverse.

Round 2:

Further discussion eventually led us to decide on #1 for the front and # 2 for the back.

Check out some photo's of the final card, just be careful you don't get bit.

business card photoshoot credit: wcassar


06 12 10
Girls are Evil [and I like it]

Custom Wallpapers

I like to make them every now and then.

This one happens to use a stock photo from Virgin Mobile®. Notice she has a custom ac wallpaper on her Blackberry. Wow, what are the odds!? And just to get the record straight, I don't think all girls are evil, just most of them. and i like it. more randoms

06 12 10
Inside that Counts

Like my momma used to say

It's what's inside that counts

The past few months I took it upon myself to learn some new web technologies and practices simply so i can keep up to speed with the fast moving world of the internet. The days of using a tabular framework are over and so are heavy, sloppy, outdated websites. All my sites from this point on will use 100% CSS to control the design, will utilize template's to make global updates a piece of cake, and will all be created with SEO optimization in mind. So please enjoy my first multipage professional portfolio, and the beginning of a new era in online communication.

05 31 10
Let Freedom Ring

LEt Freedom Ring

(Now on Sale!!)

And let Freedom be heard from every ad, commercial, coupon and email blast across this great nation. This holiday is about remembering the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and we all know any holiday is a good reason to have a "Once This Millenium Clearance Bonanza!!!!" God bless our freedom to work hard and make an honest living. God bless our liberty to use that hard-earned cash and spend it on whatever we want. God bless the advert that can so easily sway the consumer's decision and God bless our soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces who risk their lives for us every day so we can have more than a Sale.

03 18 10
Mobileistic Design


Trade Show Marketing Design

From 2010 - 2012 I worked for a group of cellular companies as the primary designer for their advertising, web, identity and collateral work. I was involved with designing the supporting marketing materials that were needed, including product catalogs, postcard handouts, email broadcasts, web banners / pages, and custom T-shirt designs to be worn by employees. www.mobileistic.com

02 13 10
So Bold Design


So bold

That's right. It's a brand new year and I have a brand new site, redesigned from the ground up to bring you the smoothest (and coolest) acarrozzo.com update ever. Utilizing CSS I have cleaned up my act and brought this site up to speed with web standards. Please take a few moments to take a look at some of the work I have done throughout the years. 2/13/10

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